Photoshop – Using The Shape Library For Your Design

Using Photoshop’s predefined shapes and their shape paths as a selection tool, is a great way to use paths and selections as a design tool. Photoshop ships with a rich library of varied shapes and using these is simply a great shortcut to adding this to your image and saving a little drawing time too!

Working With Vinyl For Designs

Choosing the right vinyl for the proper job can be a challenge. The fist thing to do is look at the type of project you are intending to put the product on. If it is an outside application, check the warranty of the product and see that it is durable enough to stand up to the riggers of the outside elements.

Photoshop Selections – Using the Pen Tool and Paths

After getting comfortable with the marquee selection tool in Photoshop and the basic options provided, you want a little more flexibility making selections. The Pen Tools and Paths options provide a more precise selection method adding more accuracy to your selection.

Logo Design Psychology – Learn The Why, What and Where Psychology Behind Logo Designs

What does an organization or an individual really want to say through the logo design? A logo is pointless unless it effectively communicates the company’s message with the target audience. An effective logo will communicate the essential elements about the organization such as an attitude, a culture, a certain point of view; and by combining all these elements a personification of a life style.

Strokes of Humanity

In Realism, we could see the pain and desolation of the peasants in the potato fields of Corrot. During Impressionism, we could feel the agony and sensitivity in the turbulent skies of Vincent and the profundity that lies beyond our eyes. Cubism, Pablo showed us the symmetry of the human race, and how we all share similar lines.

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