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After Effects CS5 – Layer Timeline Options

The timeline options in After Effects add special design management features. While you might manually edit a layer timeline duration, using the duration/stretch control panel lets you make precise edits. If you want to synchronize layers or set precise timing, using this editable control feature is the tool of choice.

Tiv Traditional Art: “Itimbe-Gbenda” and Its Dying Essence

Centuries ago when traditional art was being practiced at its peak, art was considered as a prime source of life to the cultural practices of the people in the community/society. In a traditional Tiv society, for instance, every family house or grown-up person (adult) used to have Itimbe-gbenda strategically installed at the entrance way to the compound. Itimbe-gbenda is an artistically carved object in human form with traditional motifs on the surface.

Architectural Drafting and Designing

Architectural drafting is basically a method of creating drawing for buildings and other structures. To do architectural drafting it requires studying the design and construction basics. The traditional way of architectural drafting is making design on paper.

The Tortured Graphic Designer

Graphic Design. Mention these two words at your yearly family gathering and dear aunty Liz will ask you to design a logo and web site for her Tuisnywerheid. “As a favour” she’ll add, with her manicured talons tapping the table. Of course you do it, afraid that refusing will cause a family ‘Skandal’.

Now Create a Custom T-Shirt Design by Using an Online T-Shirt Design Tool

Nowadays T-shirt design software is getting popular around the world. Most of the website owners have included the T-shirt design tool to their websites. This will help people to make use of these effective online T-shirt design tools. It is very different experience working on the online design tools on T-shirts…

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