What Is WaterFire?

Every summer a community comes together with both citizens of Providence, Rhode Island and citizens of the world for one of the most exhilarating summer events, WaterFire. A combination of the earth’s elements displayed within the heart of the historic city is something worth seeing while visiting the east coast.

What Is Your Local Printer Talking About?

Printers can be a right pain! It’s happened more then once to me and I’m sure if you are a graphic designer then it’s happened to you too.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Art

Being an artist is tough in this economy. As the economy shrinks, more people are skipping out on spending money on extra expenses like art and other luxuries that they might have bought. One of the best ways to improve the sales on your art is advertising. But, how can an artist in today’s market promote their work more effectively?

Portrait Painting – The Human Face or The Clown Face

Portrait Painting will take many years to master; it cannot be learned overnight. And this is difficult for those of us who are in the habit of striking a computer key on our keyboard and see instant answers on the computer screen. Just as a good wine or a steak needs to be aged, likewise our skills need constant practice until we are refined to produce masterpieces as good as or better than famous portrait artists.

Graphic Design For Beginners

You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars and years in a classroom to get your graphic design career on the move. The best way to learn something is from someone who applies the skills you want to learn in their everyday life.

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