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Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes

With a logo design career spanning over 15 years, here are my top 5 common mistakes when designing a logo. If you’re a young logo designer just starting out then please read this article. Feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions.

Learn to Graffiti – Some General Guidelines You Need to Know

Before you start out in the big wide world of graffiti art, you need to learn and abide by the ‘rules’. As you learn to graffiti you need to also learn about the underground culture of graffiti writers that you might not otherwise have known about.

Freelance Graphic Design Services – Tips and Suggestions

Appointing a freelance graphic designer is obviously a profitable option for the employers. Yet, an employer who is appointing a freelance designer for the first time needs to have some tips and suggestions handy to find the best out there.

Custom 3D: Rigging And Controlling Your Designs

Although character modeling is an integral part of custom 3d work, the creation of a truly dynamic scene does not begin and end with the surface details. After you finish creating or find a 3D model that you like, you will probably want to pose it in a specific way. This article gives specifics on the process of rigging a character so that it may easily be manipulated into a position of your liking.

Freelance Graphic Design Training

Graphic design is not a rocket science and can be practiced by anyone with a little creative brilliance. This is not the truth. Not anyone can be a successful designer. To be a successful designer, training is important. Therefore, if you are an aspiring freelance designer who aspires for a successful career, you need to get proper training.

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