DIY Dinosaur Valentine's card with Cricut | Melody Lane

DIY Dinosaur Valentine’s card with Cricut | Melody Lane

Things To Do When Making An Art Donation

This article looks at things to consider when making a donation of artwork. It will also recommend things to do and where to look for extra details to make the whole process smooth sailing.

Cinema 4D 12.0 – Using Layers Part Two

Using layers in Cinema 4D 12.0 is a little different than other applications such as After Effects but their importance helping you organize your contents is the same. In our introduction to layers we covered the basics of defining, naming, and assigning objects to layers. In this exercise we will look at the extended features Cinema offers with its layer management system.

Painting – Some Technical Aspects

Paints are a thing of past. Now, almost each and everything is used in painting. Be it paper pieces, sand, dust, cement, wood or any other material, they are widely being used in giving texture and extra look to the paintings.

How to Buy Art and Paintings

How do I buy art? Well, that’s the million dollar question! Well, I’ll try and decipher this age old mystery through a bit of research and from experience dealing with art buyers.

Art That Suits Me – What’s My “Art Type”?

Ever thought what kind of art suits you? There are many reasons why people buy art. Know thyself, and make a wise choice in your next art purchase!

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