DIY Cricut Vinyl Mermaid to Mrs Bridal Shower Hen Party Sash

DIY Cricut Vinyl Mermaid to Mrs Bridal Shower Hen Party Sash

Company Logo Design

There are right and wrong ways to go about creating your company logo design. This is an important step to owning a business. The logo you create will be the first thing people are likely to see.

Morning by Alphonse Mucha

Morning is an Alphonse Mucha print which was part of a famous series of works from an important period in the career of this Czech Art Nouveau painter and illustrator who left an important impression on the contemporary arts world. Morning was in a series alongside Night, Daytime and Evening which highlights the obvious comparisons that the artist made to his subjects in each, addressing colour and light in his detailed illustrative style. Morning is perhaps the most loved of the series and all of them feature amongst his best known contributions to the Art Nouveau movement.

Night by Alphonse Mucha

Night was one of the groundbreaking paintings from the Art Nouveau movement which was developed by it’s creator, Czech painter Alphonse Mucha who encouraged others to engage in this new movement which concentrated on illustration, accurate portrait painting and stylish finishes with beautiful flourishes in every painting. Night is a difficult painting to see in person but fortunately is available as framed art print from many places online, which is an excellent alternative.

Evening by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha is one of the most famous artists for producing series of works during his career, most notably covering seasons and times of the day. Evening was clearly a painting from the latter, and uses key characteristics from this artist of precise illustration which were honed in his early years as a professional illustrator before becoming a groundbreaking artist.

Job by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha created Job early in his career when he was establishing himself as a major contemporary artist who was to help develop a new movement called Art Nouveau, from which Job is one of it’s best paintings. This article discusses Job in full and examines other Mucha prints which you may also be interested in.

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