DIY Christmas Ornaments with Cricut | Melody Lane

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Cricut | Melody Lane

Making Leaded Stained Glass Window Patterns

There are countless number of stained glass pattern books available yet there are times when you may want something unique, with your own personality, and fits into your decor. There are ways to use clip art, photos, other stained glass patterns, and a little of your creativity, to design a stained glass pattern that is all your own.

How 3D Art Has Changed the Face of Design

3D has had a huge influence on the design industry, altering the way we visualise graphics from computer games to product design. Find out where it all began and how it has changed the face of design, whilst improving and innovating the products we see today.

Music for Art – Thinking About the Medium

Composers writing music for art may discover inspiration and direction for their work by considering not only the content of visual art but the art media. Media often has social impacts which arouse definite associations, strong feelings and emotions. When composers tune in to the implications of art media, they afford themselves a wealth of additional information about the artwork which can be interpreted and expressed musically.

The Fine Art Of Drawing

This article is about the simple art of drawing. The basic techniques used to draw and the use of drawing today.

3D Rendering Versus Photoshop

This article explains the differences between 3D Rendering and Photoshop. Those who plan to study these tools will be able to discern what’s best for them by knowing the differences of these tools, from its functions to profit opportunities.

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