DIY Christmas Gift Tags: Pull-Tabs in Fun Shapes | A Cricut Mystery Box Project!

DIY Christmas Gift Tags: Pull-Tabs in Fun Shapes | A Cricut Mystery Box Project!

Pencil Drawing – Steps to Draw a Gymnast

Pencil drawing is an interesting art, and if you are creative with it, it can offer great results. If you love sports and have zeal for a gymnast then you may want to draw a gymnast in action using the pencil-drawing techniques. This could be a bit challenging for you because sketching an object that is still, is easy.

The Trick to Using Pastels

If you’re a determined pastel artist with some experience, isn’t it time you stepped up and produced a pastel artwork that’s truly great? There’s nothing wrong with ambition! Here are some tips on using pastels to create a masterpiece.

Vampire Artwork Over Time

Vampire artwork may either be the result of the intriguing vampire popularity or may have brought that popularity. Vampires, like any other popular subjects of the past that refuses to die, are born out of the creative minds of the many unorthodox artists of the past and continuously flourish today by capturing and challenging the imaginations of these magically creative beings.

Chain Saw Sculpting – Up and Coming Art Form

Chain saw sculpting is rapidly growing in popularity. While the idea of trying to make art with a chain saw might sound messy, chain saw sculptors are proving that wrong, making beautifully detailed carvings and statues. Their representations can vary from small wooden signs to huge animal sculptures, totem poles and relief carvings.

A Guide to Chain Saw Art

For most art, there is a delicate approach. A smooth brush stroke that accents a shadow. The careful framing of a black and white picture.

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