DIY Antique Mirrors To Sell At the Farmers Market

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6 Tips for Business Card Design Inspiration

Even for a seasoned designer, it can be difficult to come up with a fresh and innovative design for a specific business or industry. In this case, it is good practice to draw inspiration from existing business card designs, websites, advertising to give you ideas and to get your creative juices flowing.

Thangka Tibetan and Newari Thankga Paintings – Distinct Features – How to Distinguish

Newari artisans hardly inscribed their name as well as their real identity on the Paubhas, Newari Thangka. They didn’t believe about self identification, rather believed in developing good karma. But nevertheless, it appeared to be a normal procedure concerning Buddhist Thangka for Tibetan painters to inscribe their identity.

Canvas Printing For Artists

The works of great masters that were immortalized in canvas now hang in museums and private collections around the world. They have inspired awe and given joy to countless of people. While you may not yet be a master, you too can immortalize your own works of art on canvas. All you need are ideas.

Female Artist Calls Self Avid Explorer of Ideas, Styles and Techniques

Six local artists are planning to demonstrate their individual approaches to animal painting in a program held in conjunction with the museum’s animal friends exhibition. There is a program held in conjunction with one museum’s animal friends exhibition and this is where six local artists will demonstrate their individual approaches to animal painting.

How To Apply Makeup Like A World Class Clown

Want to learn the three things you must do to apply world class clown makeup? After reading this article you’ll know how to do it.

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