Designing your own clip art family or best friends images - Print then cut - clipart - design space

Designing your own clip art family or best friends images – Print then cut – clipart – design space

Artist Postcards Directly From Your Heart

For any artist postcards can help you deliver your artistic message to those you care about as well as those you’d like to be doing business with. The postcard that reflects your own artistic message is highly valuable. Of course, not all of us are experts at turning our art into a professional looking postcard.

Richard Hambleton Exhibits at Armani Teatro in Milan

Vigorous, sometimes violent, sometimes sublime canvases by the American street artist. One of the great three with Basquiat and Haring, he is the only survivor.

Mimbres Rabbit – Man Bowl

What appears to be a child like drawing on a simple shaped bowl, turns out to be an aid into the passage from life to death for the Mimbres people. The Mimbres were of a prehistoric Native American culture from parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Their distinctive pottery was not separate from their day-to-day lives but lived and breathed alongside of them. Living and dieing were ritually companioned with ceramics that were rich with stories and mystery. These treasures now exist in museums, but are they art?

Objects and Modifier Plug-Ins in Your 3D Application

Whenever you download a plug-in that contains a.dlo or.dlm extension, it is going to show up either in your Create or Modify panel. These plug-ins can allow you to create new objects or edit objects in a completely new way.

To Pay, Or Not to Pay For Plugins For Your 3D Application?

An issue that comes up often with users is whether to pay a developer for a plug-in or to just use a free one (or shareware) available on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut argument for preferring either one. A few things can be said for commercially developed plug-ins. First off is that most good developers have technical support. If you run into a problem, chances are they’ll be able to get you out of it quickly.

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