Designing Your First Mug in Cricut Design Space

Designing Your First Mug in Cricut Design Space

How to Draw Water

In the works of art, water can appear in various forms, including droplets on leaves, flowers, buildings etc., or as water bodies. Drawing drops is not such a tricky job. You begin with sketching an oval or a spherical shape over your base object. While maintaining the transparency of the rest of the oval, add arch-like shading near the circumference facing the viewer. Keep this arc small and of irregular thickness. This will give an impression of a dome-like shape of the droplet. For a sketch, the outlines and the shading is done by pencil. In the case of a painted work, the concentrated color of the base object, say a leaf, is used for the purpose. Following is a systematic guide on drawing water bodies.

5 Tips For Finding Art at Reasonable Prices

Everyone now seems to buy art as awareness is increasing regarding art pieces. Art from olden times has been considered to be the cream of a chosen few as not everybody can afford original pieces of paintings. The trend nowadays has shifted to affordable art and people are finding ways to purchase art without feeling the pinch to their pockets. Let us consider a few tips on how one can purchase good and affordable art.

Inking Tutorial – Secrets to Easy Inking

I would like to share with you what I have learnt about inking, so far. This is the easiest way of inking I know, done with Adobe Illustrator. If you have ever wondered how to do your inking with total control of your lines, this is the perfect tutorial to do so, you will be able to ink in a matter of minutes, and then resize your lines at will.

Fire Up Your Imagination With Fire Art

Fire art is a remarkable melange of media conformed by the simple act of combustion: blacksmithing, glassblowing, metal casting, welding and the purely artistic free form display of fire sculpture. When we think of fire art, we naturally consider practicalities and think of an outdoor spectacle, perhaps on the Fourth of July or other jubilant holiday, something with a demonstration of fire art on a grand scale.

Early Christian Art Around the Year 100

There is a time period of art within the Church which is called “early.” Just like there is “early,” music, or “early” architecture. Catholic Pictures during this time were very primitive, mostly because of the medium on which they painted, or drew. The time frame we are talking about is typically from about the year 95, till about 500, after which the art of Christians began to reflect elements of the Byzantine style.

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