Designing Pinterest Projects in Cricut Design Space

Designing Pinterest Projects in Cricut Design Space

How to Draw a Boa

Boa constrictor, or simply boa, is a large-sized species of snake, with bulky bodies. These are non-venomous reptiles from Central & Southern America and the Caribbean region. On an average, the males grow up to 8 feet, while the females can be much longer (up to 14 feet).

How to Draw Anaconda

The anaconda is a variety of the non-venomous boa snakes of tropical South America. It is a very large and powerful animal, capable of growing up to approximately 17 feet in length. Owing to its enormous size and non-venomous character, anaconda uses entrapment and crushing techniques to kill its prey.

How to Draw an Alligator

Alligators exist in limited numbers in freshwater or brackish environments in the American and Chinese territories. One of the oldest living creatures on the earth (around 200,000,000 years), they belong to the primitive Crocodilian order. They are large and heavy animals, known for their deadly predatory skills.

What is Digital Art?

Digital art is art created by computers. These images can be viewed on screen, projected or printed out.

Ways to Get Started With Water Color Painting

Water color painting is one of the perfect artsy options for individuals who have an innovative streak. As with any other art form, this type of painting may be difficult to master in the initial stages.

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