Design your own shadow box with Cricut Design Space - Use templates - Snowman kit preview fonts

Design your own shadow box with Cricut Design Space – Use templates – Snowman kit preview fonts

A Tutorial For Pencil Drawing Shading Techniques

While learning to draw shaded pictures, there are some techniques that you need to follow and remember. Proper shading for the different objects is essential to draw reality to the images. If you are a beginner then here is a brief tutorial for you that make you familiar with the techniques of pencil drawing shading.

Finding Wholesale Art Supplies

If you engage in any sort of art or craft, you know that supplies aren’t inexpensive. A quick look around at any art store will make that apparent. Getting wholesale, or near cost, art supplies is a much better option than buying them individually at full price, particularly if you are trying to make money off your art.

Drawing Sexy Cars is Easy!

Because you are reading this, I bet you would love to draw pictures of exotic cars. You may have already tried, and found them too hard to draw well. You may have been been going at it from the wrong angle, literally!

The Paintings of a Genius – Leonardo Da Vinci

We know that Leonardo da Vinci is known as the archetype of the Renaissance man because he is one of the fathers of invention. Although he was known to be one of the greatest painters ever lived he is nonetheless a scientist, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, sculptor, botanist, an architect and a writer. In short, he embodies the complete genius in the aspect of human endeavor.

Humour Postcards – Three Great Proponents of the Arts

Almost as soon as pictures started appearing on postcards towards the end of the Victorian era, humour has been featured extensively. In fact amongst the myriad types of postcards, the comic or humour postcard is perhaps the most widely collected.

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