Design Your Custom Mug

Design Your Custom Mug

Cartoon Cars Drawings – How to Get Started

If you feel a talented cartoonist inside yourself then do not hesitate and just go on with your talent. You will find cartoon drawing is an easy and fun work and after some practice you will get your skills more polished making you almost a professional cartoonist.

How to Draw a Possum

Possum is the collective name of almost 69 species of marsupials in Indonesia, Australia, and New Guinea. They are tree-dwelling animals of small stature that belong to the Phalangeroidea Family. The species vary greatly in size. The smallest Pygmy Possum has approximately 6.4 cm long central body and 7.1 cm long tail. Bear Cuscus, the largest species, has 61-64 cm long body with almost 58 cm long tail. These animals are active at night and have different dietary needs.

The Truth Behind Impressionism Abstract Art Paintings

Impressionism was called “The New Painting” and just what did the nineteenth-century artistic world mean by that? How was impressionism compared to the “Old Painting”? First, think of what impressionism is. It sees reflected light and paints its effects at it strikes our eye. For instance, do we see water as an entire entity? No, we do not. We see merely the surface of water, of an ocean, glimmering and shimmering as it sparkles in the morning sun. As the day moves into noontime, we see less white sparkles and more solid hues of blue because the sun is directly overhead.

How to Draw a Gazelle

Gazelles are medium-sized antelopes that have long, ringed horns. They are known for their speed and are often referred to as swift animals. They can maintain a speed of up to 500 miles per hour (80 km/h) and can jump very well. They bounce with all four legs held stiff and land on all of them. The term ‘Gazelle’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘ghazal’ (poetry), as they are appreciated for their grace. These herbivores tend to live in herds on dry grasslands. They have a life span of 12-17 years.

How to Draw a Salamander

Almost 500 species of amphibians, spread across various continents in the world, are collectively known as Salamander. They have the characteristics of their fellow amphibians, like frogs and toads, yet are unique in their own ways. Nearly all the varieties of salamander have appearance like those of reptiles.

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