Design Space Intro for Cricut Explore 3

Design Space Intro for Cricut Explore 3

Glass Mosaic Art

Glass mosaic art has been practiced for thousands of years, spanning back to Ancient Egypt, where it was initially used in palaces and tombs. The Egyptians were the first to discover the versatility of glass, later learning to use it not only to decorate their jewelry, but also to adorn their ships. In time, glass mosaic art became a flourishing industry; it spanned the centuries and is still widely practiced today.

Acquiring B-Roll

Are you looking for good B-roll? Well, the cheapest and easiest way to get what you need is to shoot it yourself – thus giving you ultimate control over the shots you will get. But shooting it yourself is not always an option. That’s when stock and archival footage come into play. There is a lot of B-roll footage out there so here are some tips on how to get what you need.

Hopper Prints

Edward Hopper is a famous American realism artist whose paintings have become supremely popular choices as prints by those who want to appreciate his art in their own homes. There is a huge back catalogue of his works to choose from, with Chop Suey and Nighthawks remaining the most common selections as prints in the modern day.

Nighthawks Print

Nighthawks is a famous Edward Hopper oil painting which makes a great choice as print for art followers who are looking to add his stylish American art to their own walls. This article discusses the Nighthawks painting, underlines where it fits into the career of Edward Hopper and also concludes with why it makes such an ideal choice as a print.

Setting Up an Art Studio in the Home

It is quite simple to set up an artists’ studio. Depending on the type of art, set up a room or a space outside the home that will encourage the muse to stop by and make your creation more comfortable.

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