Design bundles Dollar Deals - SHOP WITH ME - Live

Design bundles Dollar Deals – SHOP WITH ME – Live

Selling Art – How and Where Do I Start?

If you are an artist wanting to sell art successfully, then you need to understand the art of marketing. This article covers the basics for Artist starting out and will form your foundation to your art marketing and career.

Japanese Arts and Crafts – Japanese Lamps

If you are planning to create a Japanese interior for your home or office, you should consider the many different Japanese arts and crafts that are available. One such item is the Japanese lamp. One type of lamp in specific that you might consider is the Shoji lamp.

Three Great Benefits of Learning to Master Oil Painting

I’m sure the first thing you think of when you think of “fine art” is oil painting, but have you thought of learning to paint with oils? It isn’t as difficult as you imagined. Here are three benefits of mastering the fine art of oil painting.

You Can Draw Really Good Looking Cars With Some Basic Instructions

If you have the interest in learning to draw cars but worry you can’t do a good job at it, don’t worry. Anyone with a little training can start to draw really good looking cars. There are some techniques you would need to learn to draw a car that really stands out, but anyone can learn it that makes the effort.

How Can I Draw Cars the Easy Way?

Learning to draw cars can be a challenge but it’s something anyone can learn to do. It doesn’t matter if you have previous art experience or not, with proper instruction anyone can be up and drawing excellent looking cars.

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