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Design Bundles Dollar Deals! – Shop with me Live

Does Cinema 4D Have Smarter Particles? Pyrocluster

Would you like Cinema 4D to have smarter particles? Introduce yourself to ‘Pyrocluster’. Pyrocluster is a particle object with predefined settings for fire, smoke, clouds and others.

Unique Qualities of an Abstract Seascape Paintings

The sea calms us, it stirs us to thoughts of adventures, it pervades our imagination with its limitless horizons. Who would refuse the gift of a cruise on a beautiful, sun-flecked ocean?

Oil Portrait Paintings – 3 of the Best Types of Oil Paints to Use

This article considers oil portrait paintings. In particular, it looks at three of the best types of oil paints to use.

Turner Prints

William Turner prints are popular across the world for many reasons and this article will discuss them in full. JMW Turner is a famous British romanticist painter who left a legacy which helped to develop art into the movements that we have today. His influence cannot be overestimated, similarly to John Constable. Both also helped establish landscape painting as a mainstream pursuit that was to finally be accepted and seen on an equal footing to the traditional religious and portrait methods.

A Fine Investment in Art

Works of art have become an encouraging investment in today’s market trend. A high quality painting by a recognized artist, promises an increase in value over time. Considering a well-renowned artist with an extensive body of artworks is the key.

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