Cutting too deep in your vinyl and how to save it!

Cutting too deep in your vinyl and how to save it!

Screen Printing Tips

Screen printing is a printing technique that lets you create a sharp-edged image with the use of a stencil and a porous fabric. Screen printing’s main focal point is the design. You can trace a design that you like from the internet or if you have a design in mind, you can draw it yourself. Print out the design from your computer then have it copied to create the printing screen.

10 Money Saving Tips For Starving Artists

Let’s be honest, the materials needed to create art are NOT CHEAP. Especially if you’re really into it, and wind up using up most of what you’ve bought in no time flat.

4 Ways to Make Money With Photoshop Brushes

This article will show you three simple ways to make money using Photoshop brushes even if you are just a Photoshop beginner or amateur. Photoshop brushes (the ones with commercial license) is not too hard to find on Internet, but still, finding a good ones for your projects can be a bit more tricky.

Cinema 4D – Animating Textures

In Cinema4D the world of materials and textures open limitless possibilities for crafting the identifying look of your objects. When you are ready to add even more lifelike appearances, it is also possible to animate your textures. Let’s take a look.

Balloon Clips – Advantages of Using Them

Traditionally, people have been either tying inflated balloons into a knot at the opening or using a string to keep the air in. During ceremonies where balloons are commonly used, this can be wearying.

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