cutting acrylic with Cricut - Make reusable stencils or templates

cutting acrylic with Cricut – Make reusable stencils or templates

African Masks – Made For Rituals and Ceremonies

African masks are among the best pieces in the world of art and are highly sought after. They are typically carved out of wood, though some are made of fabric and other materials.

Adobe CS5, Let’s Begin With Bridge

Let’s begin with bridge. Adobe Bridge is a great place to introduce yourself to Adobe CS5. What began as a image file shortcut viewer, has matured into a tool in its own right.

How to Draw a Cricket Bat

Drawing a cricket bat is a simple task attributable essentially to its intrinsic rectangular shape and easy accessibility for reference. Although cricket bats are unique in the terms of material, coating, size, style, & color, their basic look & shape remains constant. Get a picture of the bat you would like to draw or observe the one lying at your home.

How to Draw Chibimaru

Chibimaru is a lovely animated character, invented by the Japanese company, Saniro. He is a cheerful beige-colored puppy, one among a set of triplets. This cute little creature is always spotted smiling, in various locations and actions. If you wish to create an artistic representation of Chibimaru, you should be able to import its innocent smile and its bright, glistening eyes on the drawing board.

How to Draw Deery Lou

Deery Lou, the delightful fawn, comes from the house of the Saniro Co. of Japan. This ecstatic and beautiful animal is brown in color and has large eyes. Sometimes, he is portrayed in pink color also. He can always be found in sun light forests, doing various activities, like playing with his friends, running after the butterflies, and so on. To capture his gaiety and charm in your artistic representation, you need to follow some very simple steps. This guide is designed to help you create your own Deery Lou…

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