Cutie Halloween Party!

Cutie Halloween Party!

Panel Painting – The Everlasting Beauty and Appeal

A panel painting is an artistic creation executed on a rigid base, generally metal or wood, instead of canvas. The wood base can be a single piece or in multiple interconnected pieces. This style was quite popular before the advent of canvas in the mid sixteenth century. Several types of woods, like cedar, beech, fir, chestnut, olive, dark walnut, mahogany, teak, and linden were used as base for panel painting.

Sunset Canvas Prints – Finding That Perfect Picture

Finding that perfect canvas picture for your room or living space is not an easy task especially if you have spent days or even weeks decorating, you want to make sure you compliment it with the right look and give it that finishing touch that any newly decorated room requires. Choosing that all important canvas picture or painting can become quite a specific task, you have to make sure you find a picture that has the right colours and compliment your choice of room decoration, i.e…

Comics 101 – What is Cool About Comics?

Can a comic book make you hear thunder, shouting, music? Feel cold wind, hot water or even smell and taste anything like popcorn? You bet it can!

The Artwork of Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden’s artwork has been described as captivating and disconcerting, mysterious and enthralling, unsettling, mystical, cuddly and frightening all at once. Ryden has been referred to as the king of the Pop Surrealism movement. Mixing joyful child-like imagery with disconcerting pieces of body parts or bizarre sights in nature, forming a strange mixture of children’s book images and meat or blood.

Crossing Cross-Platform Media With Traditional Offset

Commercial print shops are taking advantage of the unique capabilities of both offset and digital printing. These diverse services each offer a spectrum of possibilities from offset’s extensive substrate options to digital’s well-defined, vibrant color.

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