Curved Boxes Cut with Cricut

Curved Boxes Cut with Cricut

How to Draw Jack Skellington

The ‘Pumpkin King’ Jack Skellington first appeared in the Disney movie, ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ and soon became one of the lead characters associated with Halloween. Not only did he appear in several movies later on, he also became one of the Disney’s top heroes. This cartoon character is a human skeleton with a white pumpkin head. He dons a black pin-stripe suit and a bat for a bow tie. The following tutorial is designed to guide you on drawing your favorite Halloween character.

How to Draw Super Mario

Who does not remember that revolutionary platform game, released by Nintendo in the year 1985 that remained at the top for over two decades? Super Mario is officially declared the second most popular game ever! The appearance of the character was as well thought as the other elements of the game and it is one of the most celebrated and replicated cartoon characters today.

Canvas Roll Sizes – Arts, Crafts, and Being Practical

When artists get working, it’s not all creativity. Any creative professional will tell you that there is a lot of business that goes along with the fun and freedom that come from creating new works of art.

Tongue and Groove Stretcher Bars – The Right Fit

Tongue and groove stretcher bars are the most popular type of stretcher bar to buy. The bars are the best way to make your own canvas for painting or other artwork.

What it Means to Create “Collections” of Art For Art Licensing

Creating art for licensing is different than creating art for collectors or gallery work. Artists need to think in “collections” that can provide the elements needed by manufacturers to create a group of products.

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