The Artists’ Way of Responding to Environmental Issues

Since the 1920s which drew a historical mark between traditional and modern art practices on the African continent, Africa has continued to produce great artists that their works have had tremendous positive impact as well as contributed to solving great issues of serious concern to ‘man’ and ‘earth’. While some of the issues contained in the works of modern Nigerian artists seek to address pure social problems caused by man’s (human) relationship with one another in the society, others issues essentially focus on man’s relationship to the environment.

How to Draw: 5 Tips for Drawing Realistic Mouths

Each facial feature on every subject has it’s own uniqueness. Capturing the unique character traits in your subject is the key to drawing a realistic portrait. There are several tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way, that I hope you can utilize when drawing mouths.

Key Elements of a Great Design

A great element of design is an extraordinary element. When you see it you can say that this is beautiful, unique and simple. We can say that this is a key element of a great design. Take a look at some of the tips on how you can make great designs.

Why a Logo Design Must Be of Impeccable Quality?

Have you ever thought why it is emphasized that a logo design should be of good quality? Why this quality matters for the success of a logo design? In this article we’ll try to understand this crucial point.

Personalize Your Art Decor – Photography

In our series of Art and Decorating Articles, we have discussed the value of art as perhaps the least expensive way to create the ambiance you want to achieve for your home or office. We have provided our insights into how to select the pieces that best meet your needs and how to hang your choices in the easiest and most effective way. Now we would like to begin a series of Articles on the Various Genres of Art. Today, across the internet, local and national professional photographers offer a wide variety of photographic art. With new reproduction techniques, photographic art is available in all sizes and on different backgrounds including canvas. Local artists are your best bet if you want familiar scenes. Depending on your style, even historic photo art is available such as the famous “kiss” from the cover of Life Magazine at the end of World War II.

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