Cricut Tips - Make a size template guide with Design Space to help visualize your designs

Cricut Tips – Make a size template guide with Design Space to help visualize your designs

Effect of the Colour Green in Paintings

When we look at a painting, we are usually attracted first by the colours of the painting and later by its topic. It is very important to understand colour as it influences our mental and physical make-up. Every individual responds differently to different colours. Likes and dislikes and personal preferences for certain colours affect our decisions for selection of food, clothes and even the colours for our walls.

Designing Your Graphic Design Portfolio

When you start working, your great graphic design portfolio is going to help you land that great job. Your portfolio represents your skill and artistry, so put it together carefully because your artwork is going to speak for you.

Selection of Paintings – Place to Display

Display of art is seen everywhere from corporate offices and towers to the homes of individuals. Many times we visit a place of social hub-dub and see a painting of a peaceful river. What is our response – it does not go with the energy level required for the place.

Selection of Paintings – Affordable

As awareness is increasing regarding art, and even the middle class, are opening up to purchasing pieces of art for their homes, there is a latent fear about the prices of art. The concept that art has exorbitant prices makes the lay person shy away from buying a piece of art.

Selection of Paintings – How to Select Paintings According to Our Taste

Art is entering our homes through the front door as awareness and the need for aesthetics is increasing. Let us go through one of the questions that a lay person has in his mind before going out to purchase art. What to buy? How to select paintings according to our taste.

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