Cricut Smart Paper and Drawing on the Explore 3

Cricut Smart Paper and Drawing on the Explore 3

What Are Emoticons?

Emoticons are textual representations of a facial expression. They are often used to alert the recipient of a message to the tone, bodily gestures, or sentiments behind statements. The word “emoticon” is a combination of two English words: emotion/emote + icon.

Simple and Funny Face Painting Ideas For Adults

Face painting is a form of art that is practised on a global level. Children as well as adults practise it on various occasions. Taking into account its historical use as well, one would realise that face painting is not just about fun. Various purposes are affiliated with this practise like campaigns, charity events, etc. However, where fun is concerned, face painting is practised at events like birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, national matches, etc.

Art Canvas Supplies For Different Needs

If you are looking for art canvas supplies it is important to fully understand the different types of canvases available to artists. Some will be purchased in bulk and then sized to meet your needs, while other will be ready to use.

How to Cut Freehand Silhouette Profiles

Learning how to cut freehand silhouettes is a worthwhile exercise for anyone who has dabbled in or is remotely interested in art. Once the basic techniques are mastered the process of cutting a silhouette profile can take less than two minutes to perform.

Rolf Reveals Art Family History

Australian performer Rolf Harris has revealed that his skills with the paintbrush are hereditary. The octogenarian told the Derby Telegraph that he comes from a long line of painters although his father was not able to fully express himself as an artist because of the wishes of his grandfather. He told the newspaper: “My father was a frustrated artist because my grandfather, who was a portrait painter, told his children not to become artists because they would always be broke.”

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