Cricut Slide and Lock Butterfly Card | Melody Lane

Cricut Slide and Lock Butterfly Card | Melody Lane

Introduction to Art Marketing, The MARK Method

I know it sounds corny, and even more so when I speak to artists, but the first 4 letters of marketing spell, yeah that’s right, MARK. So when I tell you that we are going to look at art marketing, what we really are doing is combing the efforts of creativity with the ideas of business. And when doing this we will look at Making a commitment, Applying yourself to the business side of art, Remembering you are an ARTIST and Knowing that the best thing you can do is just DO SOMETHING.

How to Look at Art Paintings

My very first visit to the art museum was a journey through a maze. I was on a school excursion intended to foster art appreciation amongst students, yet I quickly found myself losing concentration and drifting off to sleep whenever I couldn’t make sense of the abstract brushstrokes or strange imagery used by artists in paintings.

Types of Art Paints (Mediums) That Artists Use

Confused by the various types of mediums (paints) that artists use? Which is the “best” medium? You may be looking to make an informed decision when buying a piece of art.

What Is the Importance of FSDUs?

FSDUs or Free Standing Display Units are a very effective retail display solution which can help drive sales even in the harshest of economic times, calling products to the attention of the public very effectively. FSDUs are worked with in a wide range of materials including card, corrugated board, correx, coam PVC and more.

Art Deco Pottery – A User’s Guide to Types and Style, Part II

In Part II, this article discusses differing pottery techniques employed by art deco artisans, creating compelling vases and more. Explore paint, glaze, etching, patterns, and geometric forms, and find a piece that works for you!

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