Cricut Rosette Christmas Tree Card

Cricut Rosette Christmas Tree Card

The Different Types of Jeweler’s Pliers: Basic to Specialty Pliers

Jewelry-making is indeed simple especially with the help of these tools that makes it faster to create jewelries of your choice. Jewelry-making requires many tools to create a beautiful piece, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, they need tools to hold on to those small metals or gemstones.

What Is a Logo Design Worth?

If money was no concern, and you were to ask 10 graphic design / advertising design agencies to work on a new logo design, all 10 designs will come back looking different, but does it mean the most expensive one will produce the best outcome? If I was to buy a Hi-Fi CD player model X9000, I would definitely hunt around to find the cheapest deal, and sometimes I am happy to pay a bit more for a reputable dealer. In the end of the day, the product/commodity is the same, doesn’t matter where I buy it from, but I…

How to Make Money in An Hour With Your Art

There are places on-line where an artist can meet up with a buyer. That means making money with artwork is a real possibility – provided you search the web until you find the spot that works for you. That means it is something you are comfortable drawing and that it is, of course, fun for you to do.

Chase The Blues Away With A Funny T-Shirt

Have you ever had one of those blue days to where nothing was going right? I think that at some point almost all of us have had those days and it just seems to go on and on. Let’s just say that you decided to go on a walk and when you wear out something caught your eyes that you didn’t expect and it made you laugh so hard that your blues disappeared. What you saw was a funny t-shirt that brightened up your day.

Drowning Girl Prints by Roy Lichtenstein

Drowning Girl is a famous art print by Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein who has established a relationship as one of the most respected American contemporary artists after a prolonged career which achieved success over several decades, with many of his prints still popular today as reproductions. Roy Lichtenstein loved to take attractive characters into his own art world and combine their personal lives with his unusually contemporary approach which involved bold blocks of colour to produce a style very similar to cartoons.

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