Cricut Mystery Box Organization

Cricut Mystery Box Organization

Western Painting – Neo – Dadaism – Dadaism Revived the American Way

Neo-Dada is the term given to the mid 20th century, 1958 to be specific, art movement, including Fine Arts, literature, theatre, and graphic design, which was similar to the earlier Dada artworks. This genre challenged the concept of ‘Aestheticism’ associated with the traditional form of art and extended the boundaries of the category arts.

How to Collect Art Confidently

Shopping for artwork doesn’t have to be confusing if you know the basics. In this article, you will come to understand the relationship between the artist, the medium, and the price. You will learn how to take your art collection to the next level, and know how to safely and confidently expand your art collection.

Do Not Build What You Do Not Need in the 3D World

Not modeling unnecessary objects may seem obvious, but it should be a principle you return to often to ensure that your objects maintain the lowest possible polygon count: Do not build what you do not need! Take into account the distance from which the viewers of the final product are going to see the scene.

Shadows in the 3D World

Although shadows add a great deal of realism to any 3D scene, they require far too much calculation time to be feasible in a real-time engine. Instead, shadows are generally created by mapping a silhouette onto a semitransparent polygon positioned parallel to the ground plane of the game world.

Z-Buffering in the 3D World

Z-buffering is a computationally intensive process of determining which polygons are behind which (from the active viewpoint), so that a scene is drawn correctly with the proper depth. When you render a scene from your 3D Application, visible portions of objects with correct mapping, shadows, and so on are produced for a near-photorealistic reproduction of the way the physical world is perceived.

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