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Were Cavemen the First Caricaturists?

Cavemen were indeed the first caricaturists – the first portraits artists – impressionists – cartoonists. They felt an overwhelming need to record what they saw in their day to day life. This was probably due to the fact that the written language hadn’t, at that time, been invented. We should consider ourselves very lucky indeed to be able to gaze at these magnificent cave paintings.

The Kiss Print

The Kiss is an exceptional oil painting which many art fans choose to buy as an art giclee print or stretched canvas for their own home. This article uncovers the painting itself and discusses why so many love to buy prints of it, right across the world.

John Haley Paintings

John Haley (also known as John Charles Haley) was born in 1905 in Minneapolis. He had the flair for drawing right from his childhood and he had already begun to publish his drawings in the school journals and magazines.

The Beauty of Seasonal Art Explained

All artists, landscape artists or not, depict the changing of the seasons in their works. The way the light enters a room, even rooms with electric lights in them, changes the way a subject appears, and that’s dependent on what season it happens to be when the painting is created. The seasons affect the way artists feel at any given moment in time, which will affect not only their subject, but the way in which they depict it.

Keeping Your Art Safe

No matter what kind of artist you are, whether you are just an amateur who does it for fun or a professional, you should get an art binder to show off your work. Most artists want to be able to show others what they’ve done, even if it is just having a portfolio of works sitting on their coffee table. By getting something that suits your work, you will be able to show off your creativity wherever you please.

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