Cricut Mystery Box Fall

Cricut Mystery Box Fall

Primitive Technology – Or, How Primitives Use Technology

A humorous article looking at the way artists come to rely on technology. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

Cinema 4D – Global Illumination 12.0

Global Illumination in Cinema 4D is one of the advanced render options that provides Cinema with it’s signature ‘larger than life’ appearance. Using special materials for tile, glass, masonry provide a texture and look that is so life like but your render and render settings produce the final product. Using Global Illumination adds the luster.

Dali, Real or Fake?

Is your art by Salvador Dali real or fake? Here are some quick tips to help you.

Historic Model Ships Bring Elegance To Any Space

Hobbies include a variety of different items for collectors and hobbyists across the globe. There are collections that feature die cast cars, coins, trading cards and historic ship models. Historic model ships can be found all over the internet and at hobby shops.

What Is a Fashion Illustrator?

Fashion illustrators are artistic individuals who have talents with both traditional media, like pencil sketching, and graphic design. If you have a flair for art and a keen eye for fashion, this could be a great job fit for you. There are many fashion school programs that will give you the skills needed for this profession.

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