Cricut Mystery Box Demystified: How to Get Your Own and See What's Inside!

Cricut Mystery Box Demystified: How to Get Your Own and See What’s Inside!

How Your Art Can Unify the World

Recognize that your art can make an indelible impression on others. Your work can help enlighten people from all over the globe. Use your creativity to inspire those in other places.

Two Different Types of Pastels

There are two main different types of pastels that artists use. The soft pastel and the oil pastel. As they are made by different methods each one has its unique way of application and on what surface they can be used.

Get Your Artistic Career Going by Entering Art Challenges

Art challenges can help you gain exposure. Become inspired by entering them online. Receive feedback from fellow artists regarding your work. Learn new techniques by entering art challenges.

Use Your Words to Get Your Art Noticed

How many of us have looked at a softly-toned painting in a gallery and commented, “Oh, that is beautiful,” only to see that our attention is immediately fixed on something more unique or provocative? If you are new to creating in the art world and intent on making an impact, you may want to add statements to your pieces that will get them noticed quickly.

Surfaces, Curves and Points in the 3D World

Surfaces, arcs, points, and non uniform rational basis spline surfaces are defined by a series of curves and control peaks. Depending on the type of curvature you use, your editing capabilities differ somewhat.

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