Cricut Mystery Box - Birds of a Feather [NEW CUTIE]

Cricut Mystery Box – Birds of a Feather [NEW CUTIE]

Stretcher Bars – The Economical Canvas

Painters love to be able to paint on a canvas. The problem is that buying the premade canvases can be very expensive. The best solution is to make your own. Stretcher bars make this possible. The canvas is stretched over the pre-made bars and stapled into place.

A Vintage Poster – Three Ways to Evaluate Classic Vintage Posters

A classic vintage poster collection is very popular. This article is an introduction to some of the information you need to start collecting vintage posters.

Where to Find Original Art For Sale

While art has been created, bought, and sold throughout the centuries it’s sometimes a little hard where to find original art for sale. This is mainly because there are so many masterpieces already out there that people are still trying to get their hands on.

Marketing and Branding Your Skill

After you get your Photoshop skills to a proficient level, focus on marketing that skill. To get increase business and more clients, its not totally about being the best. Its about reaching and serving as many people as possible.

Various Types of Original Artwork For Sale

There are many kinds of original artwork for sale from modern art through to classical paintings. You can usually purchase works of art such as this from experienced art dealers and historians who are more clued up about the work and can give you crucial information relating to the period, artist’s technique and the time that it was created.

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