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The Game Client in the 3D World

You assigned the material to the boat, planar mapping the material to the side of the hull to get a horizontal waterline. You then applied an Unwrap UVW modifier to adjust the coordinate points of the hull so the blue hull color and the white deck color were near the gunwales and followed the slope of the deck. The waterline remained horizontal. This same method can also be used to create interesting landscape contours.

Golden Proportion and Golden Mean

Renaissance art is replete with examples of Phi (pronounced like “fly”), often called the Golden Proportion or Golden Mean. Leonardo and others paid careful attention to this proportion not because they invented it, but because it is already there. It exists in beautiful natural creations to include the human body, and was therefore deemed to be worthy of replication in their art. They accurately depicted Phi by developing for themselves their own instruments like the Golden Mean Gauge.

Klee Paintings

Paul Klee is a Swiss artist whose oil paintings remain popular choices as reproductions to buy for art followers around the world, attracted to his selection and combination of various contemporary art styles. These included Expressionist, Surrealism and Bauhaus and this came after his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Many also will point to influences from other areas such as cubism whose key contributor Pablo Picasso was one of Klee’s most respected adversaries.

Oil Paint Sets – Creativity in a Box

Getting into oil painting is a fun and rewarding endeavor, but you need to make sure that you are getting the right tools to start with. An oil paint set is a great way to make sure you have what you need. They vary in content and price range, so it is easy for you to find one that will give you what you want while staying within your budget.

Portraying the Human Figure

Figure drawings are commonly seen as a harmonious combination of the elements of composition: perspective, balance, proportion, volume, and the line. But in asking which among these is the most important, that would be the line. Artists must understand how to use it because it has the power to determine the very personality of the figure.

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