Cricut Mug Press Overview

Cricut Mug Press Overview

How to Draw a Crab

Crabs are found all over the world, particularly in tropical and semi tropical regions. They live mostly in oceans, but some species are fresh water and semi terrestrial as well. Crabs are invertebrates (they do not have a backbone). Their hard external shell protects them from predators and supports their bodies. Crabs are decapods, i.e. they have ten legs, out of which the front two are modified into sharp pincers or claws. Crabs are omnivores and feed on whatever is available around, including algae, worms, fungi, bacteria, and other smaller insects. They find abode on rocky seashores, in caves, crevices, holes, and under the stones. Crabs vary in size from a few millimeters long to a leg span of four meters.

Cartoon Pencil Drawing – Why It Is So Important

If you want to be a top ranked cartoon maker, then the art of mastering cartoon pencil drawing is a must for you. All good piece of cartoon begins with the pencil drawing.

How to Draw an Octopus

Octopuses are eight armed animals that live on the ocean floor. They have soft body with no bone structure, which makes them highly flexible. 300 species of octopuses are known to exist. The Giant Octopus is the largest one, weighing up to 15kg and measuring 7m in length from arm tip to arm tip. The smallest one is the Californian octopus, which is only 1cm long.

How to Draw a Flamingo

The beautiful flamingos have had a close relation with various human civilizations for long. They are long-legged waders from the Charadriiformes Order. Wading birds, or waders, stay near water and walk through the shallow regions in the search of food. Of the six identified species, two inhabit America.

Art For the Soul – The Spiritual Connection

Have you ever found yourself viewing a work of art, be it a painting or a sculpture, and realized tears were trickling down your face? If you have, then you know something wonderful happened. A spiritual connection took place.

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