Cricut Mug Press: Live Playtest * Answers to All Your Questions

Cricut Mug Press: Live Playtest * Answers to All Your Questions

Guidelines For Understanding Abstract Paintings

Art and paintings are terms used by the elite few and the common man still shies away from talks on art. Understanding works and spreading knowledge among the mass public will create more art awareness and also give art a universal appeal. Of all the types of arts abstract art is the most difficult to understand. As a common man, let us explore how to understand art in a few steps.

How to Draw Cartoons – Advice From the Experts

Learn from the people who have done it before you. These tips from professional cartoonists will help improve your drawings and your change at becoming a published cartoonist.

Fairy Princess Face Painting Design

There are some simple tips that you can use to be able to do face painting with a princess inspired design. It needs not to be perfect. What is important is that you enjoy doing it and the child appreciates it. Try to remember the tips mentioned.

Audio Visual Assistance

You are a new entry in the race for financial superiority and you want your company to focus on audio visual assistance. You have chosen a noble business and you will have the chance to reach the perfect balance between working with people which is one of the most difficult businesses in the world and you get to work with machines at the same time which will make your job a lot easier.

How to Draw a Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a water animal with a distinct ‘phylum’ (classification of ‘kingdom’) known as Cnidaria. Similar looking animals from the Ctenophora Phylum are also sometimes included in jellyfish. An interesting fact about the jellyfish is that it is not a fish (aquatic vertebrates) as such. This invertebrate is distinguished for its free flowing body with a canopy-like appearance. The middle region of the canopy is made of non-living Mesoglea (similar to jelly), which is almost 90 percent water. Long tentacles (used for catching the prey) extend from the central part of the ‘dome,’ which create a trailing structure. These beautiful and delicate animals are deadly predators. Although, the fundamental structure remains the same, different subspecies differ in details.

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