Cricut Mug Press - How to Use It | Melody Lane

Cricut Mug Press – How to Use It | Melody Lane

Follow the 80-20 Rule to Succeed in the Art Business

The 80/20 Rule is an old mathematical formula created by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. At the time, Pareto stated this rule was based on the principal that 20% of the population owned 80% of the wealth. In later years this rule has been used in many different ways and you have probably heard a few of them too, such as: 20% of the salespeople produce 80% of a company’s sales.

Matisse Prints

Henri Matisse prints show off some of the best French art from the 20th century thanks to his imaginative style which has been loosely termed as Modernism and Fauvism, of which Matisse was a key member of both. This article uncovers the career and biography of this great artist and covers in detail some of his very best prints.

How Are 3D Animations Used In Hollywood Movies and Cartoons

At this point in time, it would be a safe bet to speculate that everyone age 4 to 85 has seen a 3D animation film of some sort. Yes, animation has made big changes since the days of the original Disney and Warner Brothers Cartoons. With the advent of the computer and the technological advances made in the last 10 years, the days of the drawing of cartoons on a flat board are becoming history.

Is Graffiti an Art Or a Crime?

In July of 2008 a group of London Graffiti artists were jailed for allegedly defacing public property. At the same time however their work was being photographed so that it could be displayed in a New York gallery with their conviction sheets asking the question “is this art or crime?” This is the perfect example to display the two opposing attitudes towards graffiti; some say it is a senseless crime whilst others would say it is self expression and art.

5 Great Websites For Artists to Gain Exposure

Every aspiring artist eventually runs into the same problem, getting their artwork in front of potential buyers and galleries. This article will review some website resources to get you some exposure and on the path to becoming a successful artist.

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