Cricut Masculine Card made out of Wood and Leather

Cricut Masculine Card made out of Wood and Leather

Home, Office and the Arts

The beauty of your home or office is not only defined by its structure and the materials used to build it. It is as well defined by the artworks you put inside or outside your home or office. These artworks provide more life and spirit to that abode where you stay most of the time.

Fine Art for a Beautiful Home and Office

Have you just bought or built a beautiful home? Or perhaps you are just looking around that space you have inhabited for years and wondering how it could be better. Have you got a great new job, with a great new office with empty walls? Or perhaps your home office could use a facelift.

Reading a Painting/Sculpture (An Encounter in Ion Orchard, Singapore)

This experience is based in Singapore, along the famous shopping belt at orchard road. More specifically, it’s my encounter of entering the Opera Gallery in Ion Orchard, which showcased paintings and sculptures from relatively well-known artists. Boy, was I in for a big surprise.

Fully Digital Printing Facilities

As the gap widens in the world market for greater innovative ways to create printing and packaging of items on the global scene, many industry giants such as Proctor & Gamble are relying more and more on digital printing for innovative ways to package material. Paul France, an entrepreneur with Proctor and Gamble was quoted as saying, “Anyone who wants to work with us should definitely buy a digital press, or they will find it an uphill struggle in the future.

How to Ship Paintings Safely

If you’ve ever had the dilemma of shipping an oil painting Well, it’s about time I shared my secret with you all. After diverse failed attempts, I suspect I have mastered the way to safely package and ship a framed oil painting. Let’s start: * First, you’ll have to stretch you oil painting on a wooden frame, but I think you already understand how to do that.

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