Cricut Maker®: More tools. More materials. More possibilities.

Cricut Maker®: More tools. More materials. More possibilities.

Converting Raster to Vector for Superb Blueprints

Architects often need to scan their drawings. But are unable to do so with printouts. Hence they depend on photo editors for converting raster to vector for superb blue prints. Clarity in the final result says it all!

How to Make a Table Lamp From a Ceramic Vase

A table lamp is great both as a lighting source and a decorative piece of item. There are many different types of such lighting fixtures available in the market, but for those homeowners with a creative streak wishing to defy convention may choose to create their own from various items, such as the ceramic vase. For this purpose, you will need a ceramic vase, driller, paint and a do-it-yourself lighting kit.

A Caricaturist Bringing Wit Into Art

If you want to put it simply, a caricaturist is an artist who is highly accomplished in the field of ‘caricature’. By a caricature, it is implied a way in which a picture/portrait or an individual is made in a comical way.

Art Therapy Schools for Children

Art as a therapeutic activity is being used to help treat depression, anger and aggression and even anxiety. You might have come across the thought of who is actually capable of handling art therapy classes and how different they are with regular school teachers.

Photoshop Shadow Can Make Images Look Realistic

A simple image may give a blunt look to the whole website. When drop shadows are inserted, the image starts to look more natural and realistic. Apart from the default setting that Photoshop contains, below are some new drop shadows techniques that can be used to experiment with the image.

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