Cricut Maker: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don't!) - Cricut Kickoff Day #2

Cricut Maker: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don’t!) – Cricut Kickoff Day #2

Artwork – Types and Numbering of Limited Edition Prints

When it comes to Limited Edition Prints, type and number are always of interest. In addition to the “Regular” edition, there are a host of edition proofs. These other proofs may or may not be of the same quality and value.

Western Painting – Geometric Abstraction – Simplicity With Defined Precision

Among the modern genres of painting, Geometric Abstraction stands as a purportedly simplistic and precise, non-figurative sect. Although, some schools of thought believe that it came into being around 1950, but actually, it has been there throughout various cultures, since ancient times. Islamic Art and architecture dating back to as early as the seventh century have shown the examples of prevalent Geometric Abstraction, which had some impact on the development of Western Art. In the twentieth century also, some of the contemporary art forms like Minimalistic Art, adopted Geometric Abstraction, partially or wholly.

Western Painting – Bay Area Figurative Movement – An Exponent of American Abstract Expressionism

The Concept Bay Area Figurative Painting was a variation, which a handful of Abstract artists in the San Francisco Bay Area exhibited. They embraced the impetuosity of Abstract Expressionism, replacing the redundant abstraction for figurative human images. Initiated to stage an individual and dramatic defection from the established technique of Abstract Expressionism, this new approach of intentionally raw figuration during mid-twentieth century, shaped a new art form called the Bay Area Figurative Movement, also famous as Bay Area Figurative School, Bay Area Figurative Art, and Bay Area Figuration.

Near Eastern Painting – Samikshavad – The Contemporary Aboriginal Art of India

Samikshavad of 1974 was a landmark art movement, as it became the first aboriginal genre in the Modern Indian Art scene, in its true sense. It consciously kept away from any Western influences and established its own distinct identity, as the mark of a ‘free’ India. Samikshavad began as a testimonial of a revolution in Indian Art that meant to reach out to the people, breaking out from the hidden, niche, and mysterious aura attached to it.

Western Painting – Figurative Art – Representational Real World Creativity

From ancient times to the modern day art, human figures have been an intriguing factor and the subject of artists the world over. Whether it is curvaceous female figures or muscular male structure, the human body is one of the most exploited areas in painting. The fact takes an interesting note especially because a human body is as obscure as obvious. Touching a demanding scale, there is very little or almost no scope for errors in Figurative Art.

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