Cricut Maker 3 – Wildly Versatile, Powerfully You

Cricut Maker 3 – Wildly Versatile, Powerfully You

What is Digital 3D Space?

An important idea behind perspective is that every shape and object depicted on the projection plane sends a “ray” to the viewpoint, or our eye. Computer 3D applications rely heavily on this concept through a process called ray tracing. Imagine that all objects in a scene emit these theoretical “rays.” On their way to the viewpoint, they will pass through the projection plane that, in the case of computers, is the screen.

Understanding the Digital 3D World Art

Understanding the Digital 3D World Art has been and continues to be an evolutionary process. Although it has probably been around for as long as humankind, the goals and methods have changed dramatically from the French cave paintings of Lascaux to the Egyptian Geese of Medum to Hokusai’s The Great Wave to Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus to Ingres’ Grande Odalisque to Rothko’s Four Darks in Red to the work of John Lasseter and his crew in Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and A Bug’s Life.

When the Critique to 3D Comes

Now that we have looked at all the times to return to another step, it needs to be said that there is also a time to stop. The last step of the process is to know when to stop and let the project stand. There is always something that could be done a little better, but there are other stories to tell, more motion to study, and ideas to explore.

3D Animations Work Best When There is a Clear Concept

It is during the editing process that you can begin to see if all the elements we just discussed have come together. If not, back up, rework, and try again. Often, during the editing process, sound is added as an afterthought. However, sound is so important that it really deserves its own mention and category step.

Lower Polygon Counts Keep Computers Running Quickly

Every 3D application has a collection of shapes very well known named ‘primitives’. These stock shapes, whether polygon or NURBS based, are called primitives. Although primitives vary a bit from 3D application to application, most include a cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, and sometimes a pyramid.

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