Cricut Maker 3 Roll Holder and Cutting

Cricut Maker 3 Roll Holder and Cutting

Conceptual Art Explained

What defines something as being artistic? Can something be discarded and noted as non-artistic? It is best described by a quote from Joseph Kossuth in an essay from 1969 entitled “Art after Philosophy”, which stated “All art (after Duchamp) is conceptual (in nature) because art only exists conceptually.”

How to Become a Caricature Artist

Caricatures are easy to draw once a few basic keys are understood. Whether it is a recurring aspiration or a new one, the motivation and skills needed to set the ball rolling might just be a read away.

Appreciating Caricature Arts

The caricature art and the classical art have something in common. The both appreciate the hidden truth beneath the surface of any outward appearance and try to assist nature in accomplishing its plan. One strives to present the perfect form, the other attempts to describe the perfect deformity in any seeming perfection.

Know About Caricature Artists

Caricature Artists have evolved over time, what used to be mere hobby is now an employment opportunity. Today the need for their services transcends the original intent.

Generate Your Own Caricatures

Find out how a caricature generator works. Caricatures are portraits of exaggerated features of a person or a thing. To draw a person’s caricature, you will need to understand the components of a face, and what makes one face noticeably different from another.

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