Cricut Maker 3 Overview

Cricut Maker 3 Overview

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Van Gogh is a great oil painting which has left a great legacy on the art world and led to many further activities in it’s honour such as compositions by great musicians, personal tattoos and all sorts of other bizarre but respectful acts honouring Vincent’s masterpiece. This article covers this work in good detail for your interest.

Modern Day Art Supplies

This article is about the advantages of using a table that is specifically designed for artists and architects. They slant and allow you to sit at a better angle so that you do not have to slouch.

3 Secrets to Drawing

Drawing, to some, seems like an impossible task. Knowing these 3 crucial drawing secrets will help you draw well.

Why Paint Abstract Landscapes? Here’s How to Do It!

Why paint abstract landscapes when you’re having a love affair with pure abstract? Pretty simple! Never under estimate the value of “content” to the average suburban art browser and buyer. Until you hit the big time, are taken on by a major gallery and have high profile showings you will mostly be selling your art to people who visit art shows in the suburbs.

How to Draw the Skeleton of a Panda

The Giant Panda can be easily recognized by the striking contrast color combination of its black and white fur. Native to China, Panda is categorized as an omnivorous mammal, although its major diet is bamboo besides honey, eggs, yam, fish, banana, and shrub leaves.

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