Cricut Maker 3 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

Cricut Maker 3 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

Art Smocks For Children

An art smock is essential for all children when playing with paints or working on any craft projects. The appropriate art smock will make a pleasant experience for you and your children. This article addresses how an art smock can be great asset for allowing your child to be creative.

Magazine Cover Design – Enhance Your Visibility in a Magazine Stand

The article is about magazine cover design that is optimized for magazine stands or racks. The good cover-designer considers both perspective of the viewer and the displaying stand structure to get a stand out look in the crowd.

Western Painting – French Baroque – A Counter to Renaissance Art

The art and architecture style prevalent in Europe from late 16th century to early 18th century is known as Baroque artistic style. Its widespread popularity is closely associated with Roman Catholic Revival. As opposed to the sobriety of Renaissance Art, this art form used intense colors, lubricious lines to depict the scenarios full of drama and action.

Western Painting – Lowbrow – An American Art Movement

Lowbrow, also referred as Pop Surrealism, originated from different underground or populist art forms, such as tattoos, comic, street culture, punk music, and other California subcultures. A significant part of contribution in Lowbrow was in form of paintings, while its other formats being toys, digital art, and sculpture.

Western Painting – Action Painting – An American Abstract Art Form

Action Painting is a form of Abstract Art from the United States that came into existence around the 1940s. Also referred to as ‘Gestural Abstraction,’ the style relies heavily on the unencumbered movement of a wide range of colors, on the base.

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