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Commemorating Someone’s Greatness

Name plaques are signs of individuals who were able to attain something and offer great services. These are posted on tables and walls so as to inform someone who passes by that a professional may be found there and that he is offering his hands to those who are in need.

A McQueen State of Mind

This year, the McQueen Fashion House came to the Met. For a few months, many of us had the unique opportunity to see the designs that walked, ran and splattered down the Runway. Sometimes, the ability to shock can masquerade as creativity, but McQueen was not one of these people – he was a man who could cleverly channel his feelings into his talent, and tell a story.

The Rise of Plaque Signage: Aluminum and Bronze Plaques

Plaques may appear in many varieties, as well as fashions, and they might be manufactured from lots of materials; for instance, precious metal, stone, porcelain and many others. We will take a deeper look at the heritage and some of the usages of bronze as well as aluminum plaques. We can discover bronze plaques being utilized in the course of the past, frequently used as memorial plates at architecture or many other locations. You may very well be shocked to find out that several bronze plaques happen to have been put to use around 2000 years ago with this sort of plaques uncovered next to Zaragoza, Spain.

How to Sell Figurative Art Online During a Recession

As one of the most popular categories of art available, it would make sense to say that figurative art is selling very well in today’s economy. However the reality of the situation is not so simple; the global economy is in recovery but is not out of its recent recession just yet. Belts all over the world have been tightened, reducing pleasure spending budgets, and this is something that can spell trouble for artists no matter which direction their style points to. Luckily there are several ways that artists working in all styles and mediums can do to sell art during a recession, whether they offer their art online or not.

How to Win a T Shirt Design Contest and Make Money

T Shirt design contests can be fun, rewarding and challenging. Here are some tip to winning your next design contest.

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