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Cricut Joy™ – What’s in the Box

Different Art Galleries in South Africa

When it comes to art South Africa is blessed with some many artists and different art forms, from tribal art to the more contemporary art works. Because of this there are a lot of art galleries scattered all over South Africa especially around the major towns and cities. These galleries sell a lot of original art works made by the local artists and also do regular exhibits that feature home grown artists.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Good Font?

Whether you are looking to create your business logo or you wish to send a message out to your subscribers, one thing that you might not consider is your font. Fonts are a visual aspect of your message that you may have not considered before, and while you know that you should never use Comic Sans in a serious email and that Papyrus is very overused, you may not have thought about what fonts can do for you.

Background Removal Made Easy With Photoshop

Image editing has turned out to be a profitable business for photo processing companies, thanks to the penetration of the Internet and the several websites on it. Background removal is one of the techniques of enhancing the look of an image.

Pop Art Yourself

Once limited just to the purview of celebrities and people high up on the social ladder, today pop-art is much more accessible and within reach of the common man. It is much more easier to get this for yourself, as the Internet throws in a world of variety in styles, pricing and mediums to choose from. In this article, we will examine the various ways in which you can pop art yourself, a few popular shopping options and typical/novel printing mediums.

Printmakings Getting an Inexpensive Start

I have been fielding a lot of questions about getting started in basic printmaking so I thought we would start with one style that I really like and is inexpensive to get started with. This is good for students who have access to a press and want to expand past basic wood and oil linoleum block printing. (If you don’t have a press or one you can use, on simple designs a heavy Rolling-pin will work). Times are tough so let’s do this really cheap!

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