Cricut Joy™ Release

Cricut Joy™ Release

Oil Painters Can Clean Up Green and Save Some Money

The issue with using paint thinners is what do you do with the paint thinner after you have used it? I store it after a few weeks, the heavy pigment of the paint settles to the bottom of my jars. All the paint left in whatever you use to clean your brushes is toxic and requires proper disposal.

Marketing Your Art Online – My Journey

How to organize and set up an online artist gallery for sale over the internet. What does and doesn’t seem to work in advertising or promoting your site. What to watch out for when you start getting solicited. Search Engine Optimization – on page and off page SEO.

Acrylic Craft Paints – Application on Metal and Thinning for Spray Application

In this article, I will cover acrylic craft paints on what they are and how the can be applied to metal. I will then discuss various methods of thinning acrylic paints for spraying application or to produce color washes.

The Real Art To Investment

From the days of Van Gogh to the present day, there are however a breed of thoroughbred, pure, artists who paint simply because it is their reason for living. It is these artists and the admiration for them from the general population that pushes their work into the limelight of financial investment.

Geek Culture and Geek Shirts

Geeks, what are they? Geeks or Nerds are usually known to be very intelligent, excellent at academic pursuits, video games and have a number of interests which includes playing role playing games, sci-fi and comic books. Now what I have typically described is the stereo typical view of a geek, especially from the eighties and nineties.

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