Cricut Joy Materials & Accessories: What Do You REALLY Need? (Cricut Kickoff Lesson 2)

Cricut Joy Materials & Accessories: What Do You REALLY Need? (Cricut Kickoff Lesson 2)

Learn How to Draw Cartoons With Very Little Effort

Learning to draw cartoons is as quick as ABC and the lessons have been devised in a step by step format which will enable any person to be able to draw a cartoon in record time even if you have never done any type of drawing and by going online and type in learn how to draw cartoons and an list of sites will come up. Once you start attempting to draw a cartoon even if you have not done this before there is always a first time and by being persistent and determined and just following the easy step by step format you will be able to complete your cartoon character in no time at all.

Oil Painting Tips For the Serious Beginner

Oil painting is a great way to express your personality and individuality. It’s also an excellent choice for beginners, because it’s quite forgiving and if you make a mistake, you can pretty easily fix it by painting over it or clean it with a solvent.

Step by Step – How to Draw Dragons

Dragons have fascinated and terrified mankind since he first used the end of a burnt stick to sketch drawings on a cave wall. But, often, the idea of drawing a dragon is more daunting than the idea of coming face to face with one. The truth is, drawing dragons can be simple, fun and fascinating. Here is a step-by-step approach that might help you.

Canvas Pictures Are a Delight

Nowadays when many people lead a life on the run all day in search of a living, it is especially important to spend evenings home in an atmosphere of comfort. It is within your power to make your own home the place where almost every detail of the interior is designed to gladden the eye. Canvas prints become more and more popular and indeed such wall arts can make any housing accommodation or office really a delight.

How Do Galleries Price Artwork and How Can You Spot a Bargain?

Many people ask how artwork is priced. To some it may seem like a spurious question. It is a question that many people don’t want to ask a gallery but in this article I will take you through how art professionals put a figure on the work and what you should be aware of to make sure you get the best possible buy.

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