Cricut Joy™ - Make a Two-Layer Decal

Cricut Joy™ – Make a Two-Layer Decal

Designing a Great Book Cover

A great book cover helps boost sales. It can make people understand what your book is all about and what is in there for them. Book lovers spend hours in a book store to find the right book. They do not just look for content but also get attracted by the cover design of a book.

EBook Cover Designing Tips

EBooks have revolutionized the way we read and write. With the influx of online reading websites, portable reading gadgets and downloadable books, we can now read and publish in a whole new and unconventional way.

How to Make Effective Book Covers

There is only one rule in book marketing: Your book cover should be outstanding. An extraordinary book cover attracts readers to purchase the book. Attractive book covers invite readers to hold the books and see what is in them.

Points That You Should Look For To Get 2 Part CD Jackets and Bumper Stickers Printed

Struggling businesses are always hungry for the best solutions to ensure maximum performance of their business campaigns. But what is the best advertisement solution in this world which has been filled with high-tech communication devices that significantly simplify the task of finding accurate information on any particular topic?

Sasha Tovstik: The Artist Who Inspires Me

This article is an interview with my friend and artist who inspires me every day – Sasha Tovstik. We met in Ubud, Bali where I was travelling last year. Immediately after learning about Sacred Geometry, I was surprised and fascinated to meet Sasha, who was a mathematician and a successful business woman who became an artist whose work is based on Sacred Geometry. In this interview Sasha and I discuss such topics as career change from business to art, finding and expressing one`s creative side and the inspiration that comes right from by the Universe.

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