Cricut Joy for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

Cricut Joy for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

How to Begin With Pastels

When you want to begin with pastels there really isn’t too much you need to do. However, painting with pastels can be rather messy, so a few simple things can be done in order to make the whole process easier.

A World Captivated by Pin Up Girls

Who were those Pin up girls that captured the imagination of millions of people around the globe. They left a lasting impression in history that has not been surpassed. Hollywood certainly set a precedent through their display of beautiful woman who inspired and captivated people in a world of fantasy, glamour and romance. They were a far cry from today’s action films often depicting such violence. It was a gentle era, a time of music, song and dance; women were indeed women in every sense of the word. She was the ideal many up and coming starlets strived to be. Who were these women and what were their lives really like? Seeing them up on the big screen, photographed in magazines, newspapers, posing on calendars, posters, all saved and cherished by men who dreamed of their ideal woman.

Not Highbrow But Still Art – Chainsaw Art

Chainsaw artists start with only a large stump of wood. The artist revs up the chainsaw and starts carving away. Though it sounds like a completely crude method of creating art, it is no less crude than works of artists that would splash paint on a canvas. In fact, these chainsaw artists carve detailed sculptures, using special chainsaw tools manufactured for the purpose of chainsaw artistry.

Have One African Art Painting in Your Home Which Holds the Attention of Your Guests

African art is one of the famous arts that constitute the most varied legacies on earth. Even if most of the casual observers are generalizing traditional African art, the place is full of societies, people and civilizations, each having a unique visual individual culture.

Batik in Easy Steps – Step Two

After the initial batik project, applying wax and using a single immersion in the dye bath, it is now time to take a second step. The next assignment is to study colour. The aim is to produce a piece of work that goes through all of the stated colours until it reaches the final purple.

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