Cricut Joy: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don't!) - Cricut Kickoff Day #2

Cricut Joy: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don’t!) – Cricut Kickoff Day #2

The Oil Medium in Photo Painting

Photo painting has become one of the most reliable options when it comes to choosing unique gifts for your loved ones. Many people adopted the option of painting the photos of their loved ones for special occasions and for this reason even more people are wondering which medium to choose for their finite paintings. The choice of medium is one of the main steps you should consider in order to make sure you have submitted your complete range of choice when it comes to getting your photo painting.

How to Enjoy Abstract Art Paintings

Many people don’t understand abstract art. They think that “art should look like something.” If they see the Mona Lisa, they will think “ah, yes, now I can tell what that is a painting of… it’s a painting of a woman!” But if they see an abstract painting, they might think to themselves, “wait, seriously? That looks like something I finger painted when I was in kindergarten.”

Reasons to Use Abstract Art in Your Home

Upon getting a new home, many people go out looking for some artwork to display on their walls. They tend to look around a bit, but then always go with something they know, like a framed poster of their favorite movie, or a still life painting of some fruit, or a large framed photo of a famous landmark. Sometimes they will walk into the abstract section of the art store, but they often walk right back out because they don’t “understand” any of it.

Do Not Model – Simulate Geometry

One feature that may tip the scales to working in your 3D Application instead of a CAD program is your 3D Program’s use of simulated geometry. In many cases, you can create the illusion of more complex objects from very simple meshes.

Starting 3D Models With CAD Models

Importing 3D models from CAD programs is an option that all of you should consider. In many cases, it will be the main method of creating your models.

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