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Baby Portrait For Your Little Angel

Family is important to most of us. Those who value their families tend to be happier people and tend to have tons of photographs to share once there is a family gathering, a reunion or a party. For most families, you can see that there are a lot of baby pictures. Most are probably taken by a family friend or a family member while most are shot in studios. Nowadays, one of the things that parents want to have for their babies is a baby portrait. It is more than just a ticket to a nice remembrance.

Creating an Impact Graphic for an Exhibition in Adobe Photoshop

Exhibitions cost money for businesses and to be successful you need to have a good or well designed stand. From my experience to get potential customers to your stand you need to entice them with highly creative graphic design. I have worked within this field for over 20 yrs so I can provide some extremely useful tips on how to achieve this.

Poser 3D Great Animation And Modeling Software

If you are a 3D character creating looking for an easy way to create your characters take a look at Poser 3D. Discover what makes this a great program to use for creating and animating 3D characters.

Technology and Design History (Timeline Infographics) Part 1

Have you ever wondered what attracted you in a new iPad, new smartphone, or any other modern gadget? Was it its fascinating technology or its simplicity of design? Design has become an essential communication tool and it’s hard to imaging new technology without it.

How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards With Free PSD Graphics

Those who have received homemade greeting or invitation cards would know that there is something special in receiving a card you know was made with the effort and creativity of a loved one. When we give out cards to our friends and families-whether for the purpose of congratulating someone, cheering him or her up, or celebrating a special occasion-we expect our cards to reflect our personal feelings ans special ties to the receiver. However, this is hardly true when the cards we give out come out of a generic lineup of store-bought holiday cards.

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